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 Updates 15-5-2016

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PostSubject: Updates 15-5-2016   Sun May 15, 2016 12:04 pm

// = done / fixed / added / removed
- = todo

--- TODO ---
- Nerf magic.
- Fix .jar client.
- Make auto cast for ancient staff.
- Fix berserker & archers ring stats.
- Look into range gear, increase stats / make proper.
- Fix boss hits, san tojalon & black knight titan.
- Fix blackscreen.
- Add random event for thieving, delays & moving npcs.
- Change normal spellbook names to correct ones.
- Add seers ring to dagganoth king drops.

--- v2.1 ---
//Add Woodcutter's nightmare quest.
//Add King Black Dragon.
//Aggressive npcs.
//Amulet of glory teleport to KBD cave.
//New drops.
//New npcs.
//Make deleteItem remove more than one if more than one are to be deleted.
//Add glory charge messages.
//Add ::version command and show the server version.
//Add casket to dagannoth drop table, when opened give random herbs.
//Make dagannoth bones non-stackable.
//Add npc dialog for fisherman outside catherby for fishing guild teleport.
//Add quest tab information.
//Fix pickup command, add multiple single items if asked to.
//Lower amulet of power drop rate.
//Change quest items.
//Show interface when clicking quest with current task.
//Fix gambler.
//Add all pickaxes for mining.
//Add level requirements to smelt bars & add rune, gold bars to smelting.

--- v2.0 ---
//Put vials in shop.
//Fix firemaking, either item works.
//Fix herblore, either item works.
//Fix firemaking animation.
//Fix filling vials, sometimes works, sometimes dont.
//Add dagganoth kings in blue key dungeon in shilo.
//Add master farmer, rarely give seeds. Good mid range NPC for thieving.
//Have dagganoth kings drop rings, colored gloves and boots, d boots.
//Add dagannoth babies in dagannoth cave.
//Add herb drops to dagannoth babies.
//Add xp for smelting and add correct messages.
//Increase drop rate for dragon hide drops. 75% green, 65% blue, 55% red, 40% black.
//Fix health on blue and red dragons. red higher than blue.
//Add big bone drops to dagganoths.
//Fix farming, either item works.
//Add boss messages for the new dagannoth kings.
//Fix barrows item dropping for 2 at a time.
//Add glory teleporting & recharging
//Fix dead & attack animations
//Fix hitting.
//Add runecrafting multiple runes per essence, like real rs. Double nats above 50, double bloods above 75.
//Increase runcrafting xp per essence.
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Updates 15-5-2016
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